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The UK's leading amber jewellery supplier

LB Jewellery is the official distributor of amber jewellery based in the UK.
LB Jewellery is your one source for luxury amber products set in sterling silver 925 brought to you from manufacturers based in Gdansk, Poland –
The Capital of Baltic Amber. 

      We provide premium Amber jewellery for those small independent stores, right the way through to nationwide chain stores. Our agents travel throughout the UK to bring the finest quality amber jewellery straight to your doorstep.

To view examples of our range of more than 1000 items simply click on Collections where you will find everything from unique handmade pieces to our splendid cast base range - there’s something for everyone!

There are two ways to make shopping with us: You can register with us and place an order using our online wholesale shop or you can contact us to book an appointment with our sales representative.
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